I have made this sketchbook by myself. Here is everything I need to draw my croissants, diamonds and other illustrations.

  1. Size: 21х24 sm.
  2. Sheets - 40 (+1 for torments of creativity).
  3. Paper - 160 g/m2, smooth, coated ("blotter" - this means, that it's possible to apply an unlimited number of layers).
  4. Cover - metallic paper, pink.
  5. Spring - white, metallic. It is convenient to draw and to make pictures for Instagram: the white spring looks very aesthetically pleasing at photos.
  6. The kit includes:
    1. 10 paper strips for "pre-drawing" (from the same paper as sheets in the sketchbook - to check the marker colors).
    2. One sheet of waterproof backing paper, so that the markers do not flow onto the next sheets of the sketchbook.
  7. Delivery to your country depends...